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content elsewhere becauseCollege is a great place to learn and have fun.

With an art history degree you could maybe curate an art gallery or work at a museum or. No one is going to pay you money, or allow you to sodomize their attractive son, in exchange for your knowledge of existence.

I took many philosophy classes and it involved reading and smoking a shit pile of weed.

All you need is twenty dollars and a library card. Oh and he can totally demolish a White Castle Crave Case in, like, 20 seconds. OK, now give me my degree. According to their actual explanation of this major: After moving to New York and trying out for Hello Dolly!

Mom and Dad will be so proud! No one cares and the best you can hope for is every once in a while someone buys you a beer because of it. You can read and comprehend, link that gives you an advantage over Not only does no one speak this language anymore, but we already have all the Latin that exists in the world.

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Your first one will be as the annoying pretentious guy who gives everyone the Latin etymology of every big word he hears at every dinner party he attends. Your second, and most lucrative job, will be as a Subway Sandwich Artist. No one in hollywood gives a shit that you made a short film about an alcoholic albino that discovers the meaning of life through the help of a retarded child. Unless that retarded child was played by the son of Harvey Weinstein, your film or degree will be as pointless as the last three seasons of Lost.

Sorry God, but a major in Religion is about as worthless as St. OK, you sold me. So now I get to shell out about a hundred thousand dollars so I Admission Paper Ghostwriters For Hire Au know what to wear to a Shinto ceremony and learn how many virgins Allah here give me if I blow myself up in an Israeli square?

This one is tricky. But on the other, you may end up with everlasting peace and spiritual enlightenment. What about IDS interdisciplinary studies?

Philosophy, always gets me. I have a few friends that dropped out of the business college to persue this degree. I studied 2 years of a 3 years Physics degree before realising it was useless and shit. Ok, quitting a degree in physics was retarded.

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Do you really not understand the need for physicist these days? There is a reason you now work at a fast food restaurant, and it has nothing to do with your degree choice.

This degree worked for me! Lol your degree worked for you cause it got you back into school?

The writer did forget to mention that, much like art history can only lead to museum jobs, English degrees can only lead to teaching. I have yet to understand what you do with that degree. You have to get a graduate degree and become a professor or researcher at an institution. Who do you think develops all sorts of programs for things like teen pregnancy, divorce, and bullying?

I believe he works at a car dealership now. What, no mention of my financially worthless degree — history. After graduation I worked four years in an electroplating factory, then went to a technical school and got a job as a software engineer.

The plural is incorrect. At least I learned something during my time in the program.

Wrong about how it pans out. A com major is for people who know how the system works, have made the right connections and are there to maximize the experience. Academia and the real world have almost nothing in common. There are two click here of students. They know how it works, and make it work for them. Then again — what do I know. Man I wish I had his wisdom when I wasted my time studying my ass off.

If only I had the system figured Admission Paper Ghostwriters For Hire Au — maybe then I could have gotten into an academic powerhouse like ASU and not wasted my time at Cornell. ASU also has 50, students that will work for much less than a more intelligent graduate.

As a civil servant I can tell you that all of those degrees will land you a job… after you give up all hope of happiness. Seems like a lot of people I know who attend college do it for the false sense of security.

There are plenty of unemployed lawyers and PhDs out there. You can do more than teach with an English degree. I turned mine into a Marketing career path, with plenty of contract writing work on the side.

And the other people I work with in Marketing? Most of them have Communications degrees. But what do I know? I actually bothered to take the time to respond to such a lame post. You no talent hack! I hope your kids get down syndrome Scott. A little known secret about a great college major: Its lucrative with GIS technologies and many governments and businesses use Geographers, even though they may not call them that in the title.

And, there are not enough of us, which, for me at least, has equated to a type of expertise garnering higher salaries. Physics is turning out to be a pretty lame degree, too. Engineering would have been half the work and twice the money. No Source Science on the list? Actually, English degrees can lead to an unglamorous, but moderately well-paying job as a technical writer.

Lawyers typically hold a J. You are an idiot. Any degree from an accredited university can only help. While your observations are marginally funny, they are completely unfounded and frankly, quite insulting. Not just to my intelligence, but yours as well. ANY degree will get you a good job. A degree opens doors left and right but you still have to walk through them.

You have to know what you want and go for it. If you are persistent, you will get it. You are correct that no Admission Paper Ghostwriters For Hire Au gets you a job and you are somewhat more competitive in the job market with a degree.

However, I have to argue on two points: Particularly for what they cost now.

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Do not dismiss this as a job search Admission Paper Ghostwriters For Hire Au. You just have to be careful — check out the contact info you are given for an interview and make sure it belongs to a legit company.

This is entirely nonsense. I believe that whoever reads this and accepts this is quite an ignorant. I consider myself an for having to spend three minutes on this website. Sounds like BS from a parent who just cares about how much money their kid might make.

By the way, your grammar was pretty bad. No wonder you put English Lit on the list. They are also better for the MCAT. Math and Physics are overall better degrees for not only careers, but for problem solving skills, which is why I major in both. Any degree can be useful or worthless depending on how you approach it. This article assumes that the only purpose of a college education is to train for Admission Paper Ghostwriters For Hire Au specific job.

Getting a college degree is more about a proving you are intelligent and have the ability to learn, and b being exposed to a variety of fields and ideas. Overall, this is a pretty ignorant article. Those happen to be two of the most sought-after degrees in a huge number of careers, not to mention graduate schools.

English is a common pre-law or pre-business school degree, for example. Sounds like someone really just needed to vent. They do not possess a marketable skill and therefore have to rely on thier cute smiles and schmoozing people to substitute hard, honest work. This seems to be a discussion of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

But so is partying with your friends.