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100 percent cottonPlease sign up to read full document. Sign Up Sign In. Only available on StudyMode. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorderHyperactivitySocial work Pages: In the United States there are at least 2 million grade school children that are diagnosed with the disorder Dupper, Add Adhd Term Papers This paper will discuss the different aspects of ADHD, its symptoms, here traits, and the known treatments being used by clinicians.

Moreover, the paper will also touch on the important things to consider when dealing with ADHD, particularly in the area of social work.

By doing so, it will determine why social work should be an integral part of the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. He detected the disorder in 20 children who all had impaired concentration and over-activity. However it was only after the encephalitis outbreak in the United States from that serious study of the disorder took place Rafalovich, Clinically called encephalitis luthargica was identified as a specific disease category of children demonstrating unconventional behavior Rafalovich, The study of encephalitis luthargica paved the way for research modality click psychiatry that became the neurological basis for childhood deviance, exemplified by modern study of ADHD Rafalovich, Today ADHD holds the distinction of being the most studied development disorder in children Rafalovich, Children diagnosed with the disorder just click for source suffer from attention problems and uncontrollable behavior.

More often than not, these children will have impaired social skills, poor academic performance, and even weak occupational functioning American Psychiatric Association, The first is predominantly hyperactive-impulsive that is characterized by overzealousness in physical activity American Psychiatric Association, The second is predominantly inattentive American Psychiatric Association, Children suffering from this second subtypes usually have problems getting along with other children.

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RESEARCH PAPER ON ADHD Abstract StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers This type use to be referred to as ADD. Inattentive ADHD is. Explore information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder important decisions without considering the long-term lengthy papers ; Lose things. Term Papers: ADHD: A lazy are just a few descriptions of an adult that has Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).

And the third classification of ADHD is a combination of hyperactive-impulsive and inattention, characterized by distinctive traits from the first two classifications American Psychiatric Association, Most children diagnosed with ADHD fall under the third subtype.

However the first clear signs of the disorder may appear at 7 years of life American Psychiatric Association, ADHD are more likely to occur in boys than girls Dupper, Even though ADHD is more commonly associated with children it is considered Add Adhd Term Papers a chronic disorder. While these are simple and practical descriptions Add Adhd Term Papers children with ADHD, they are true signs of the disorder.

As mentioned earlier, some symptoms of ADHD may be detected even before a child reaches the age of 7 American Psychiatric Association, Most of the time children with ADHD exhibit symptoms in familiar settings, like at home and in school American Psychiatric Show More Please sign up to read full document. This disorder is often referred to as ADHD. It can be defined as a psychiatric and a neurobehavioral disorder.

ADHD has to do with inattentiveness, over-activity, impulsivity, or a combination of all click here. It can affect people at any age or gender. There are many different symptoms to determine whether a person has ADHD and although it is a disorder there are different ways to live a normal life with it.

Researchers have determined that there are three different types of ADHD. The most common type is referred to as combined ADHD. Http:// kind of ADHD involves all of the symptoms together. The second form of the disorder is inattentive ADHD. This type use to be referred to as ADD. Inattentive ADHD is involved with weak attention spans, lack of focus.

The first one is the type of child who has been fussy since birth.

Children like this are very difficult to deal with. Their Add Adhd Term Papers and or guardians usually have had a time with soothing the child as well as Adhd Research Paper As a result of these statistics, ADHD has become one of the most commonly referred and heavily studied psychological disorders of childhood. By the time they have attained the age of ten, they have a high risk for conduct disorder problems, such as lying, stealing, running away from home, and getting into trouble with the law.

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History The symptoms of ADHD were first recognised in the early s, however, formal discussions of the symptoms as a behavioural syndrome was first published in In later years between andresearchers stressed the overactivity component of the disorder, which resulted in the use of labels such as For children and adults diagnosed with ADHDdoctors may ask them this before they are diagnosed.

ADHDattention deficit Add Adhd Term Papers disorder, pertains to people that are extremes of hyper, impulsive, talkative, and poor concentration. I take medication myself and I wonder if it is in my head that I am more concentrated or if the medication actually works.

I have wondered before if diet affects myself, and the rest of the ADHD population. With all the side effects and risks to certain things it is Add Adhd Term Papers questionably as to what to ever take.

ADHD is better controlled under eliminating foods rather than taking medication. ADHD has been on the rise since when it was first discovered. People of all ages suffer from impulsive and hyper behaviors, which are hard to control. It can occur in two ways either read article with learning or difficulty with concentration.

All children with ADHD have some features of the condition; few will have all.

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While some children with the hyperactive-impulsive form of ADHD will have hyperactivity and impulsivity, some will have only hyperactivity, while others will have only impulsivity. It seems more prevalent every year. However, diagnosis criteria for ADHD is so subjective, what qualifies, who qualifies?

There is no specific clinical cause for ADHD but it obviously exists. So many questions remain to be answered about ADHD. Are more children check this out being diagnosed with ADHD annually and is it really on the rise as it appears?

Are too many children being wrongly diagnosed with ADHD as an easy way out because of other behavioral problems? And when ADHD is properly diagnosed are we overmedicating click here children to make it easier for parents and teachers to cope?

How often are other afflictions ignored in favor of ADHD because it's such a popular disorder in today's society? I believe given the current understanding of ADHD and available treatments, the medical community is doing a pretty good job as a whole diagnosing and treating ADHD while also attempting to break new ground and do even better. First, on a personal note, my son was diagnosed with ADHD inat the age of five. Adhd Research Paper Argumentative Essay When statistics like this are seen it is only normal for someone to ask questions.

People are becoming curious about the legitimacy of the disorder, and whether or not the treatments being given to individuals are appropriate. The argument seems to be strong on both sides of the fence, but the extensive research done on ADHD leaves it hard for one to believe that it is a made up disorder. An article by Ayesha Sajid, Maria C. Poor, and David R. Diaz Add Adhd Term Papers that the history of ADHD goes back to when physician Sir George Frederick Sill came up with what he called "defect of moral control" Still saw this "defect" to be something beyond the sufferer's control.

Sajid, Poor, and Diaz go on to talk about the disorders terminology changes up to when it was officially recognized as Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyper activity. Barkley as a disorder of response inhibition and executive dysfunction leading Research Paper on Adhd Attention deficit hyperactivity Add Adhd Term Papers ADHD has affected millions of children throughout the years in academics, home life and peer relationships.

ADHD has a big effect on children in the classroom academically, socially and emotionally. It will be my responsibility as a teacher to learn how ADHD affects children and their peers. I will also need to learn how to use different techniques and accommodations in the classroom to help these children be successful and to demonstrate that I fully Add Adhd Term Papers in them.

When most people think about ADHDthey probably assume that students with ADHD have below-normal intelligence and lack motivation in the classroom because they are constantly causing trouble and performing poorly in school.

Term Papers: ADHD: A lazy are just a few descriptions of an adult that has Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD). A step-by-step approach to writing a term paper, especially for students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Adhd Essays and Term Papers. Search any of the words all of the words. 35 Adhd. ADHD is attention deficit disorder accompanied by impassivity and over activity. 4 pages in length. Homework. Extended class time. Shorter recess. Staying still in seats. Too much quiet time. Chores at home. Overstimulating media. ADHD term papers and essays. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and is a medical diagnosis for individuals with problems with attentiveness.

ADHD is a mental disorder characterized by persistent, long-standing behavioral problems of inattention, hyperactivity-impulsivity, or both. My own 10 year old sister was been diagnosed with ADHD following testing from her pediatrician and two psychiatrists. Her preschool advised our parents that she might not be ready for kindergarten, as her birthday was just two days before the cutoff. At their recommendation my parents kept Jane back and chose to enroll her the following year in a Add Adhd Term Papers private kindergarten.

She had a rough year adjusting such a small classroom and often was sent home with reports of inattentive behavior in class and an inability to focus on the task at hand.

She was noted for being unaware of personal space often and by year end her teacher would call weekly to report issues with her progress to my parents. Jane was moved to the local public school for first grade where it was determined she was behind grade level in reading. She was pulled out of class for remedial reading, and with some extra tutoring from her teacher; she was close to grade level in reading at the end of her first There are many definitions and theories as to what ADHD really is, well here are the symptoms included in this disorder.

Inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity are the three present symptoms of ADHD. When the child seems easily distracted or has trouble following rules or tasks, this is where we see the inattention symptom come into play.

Children also seem to be forgetful and very unorganized as this this web page progresses. Impulsivity is the second symptom and this includes acting before thinking things through and cannot help but to interrupt class discussions or any conversation. The third symptom talks about hyperactivity which means that the child is restless, fidgeting, or chattering, and has trouble staying in one spot.

ADHD is more commonly Add Adhd Term Papers in a 2: Girls have been found to be the ones under diagnosed because the hyperactivity does not show Add Adhd Term Papers much as it does in boys.