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Our products cover the full range of drive equipment: We provide our customers with optimum drive configurations for their specific purposes. NORD Gear makes its wide range of products easily available through a global network that provides all customers with prompt delivery and expert support services to consistently exceed customer expectations.

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We are firmly committed to being totally responsive to the ideas and specifications of every customer, any- where in the world. Low rotor inertia and high starting torque allow peak performance in the most difficult appli- cations for inverter and vector duty per NEMA MG Section High performance options include brakes, encoders, and forced cooling fans. Because NORD has both decentralized assembly and manufacturing op- erations paired with a globally linked network, we have the ability to offer our customers: Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is to ensure the highest possible quality at affordable prices. Recent ex- amples include expanding our Waunakee factory and adding numerous new large gear unit assembly cells.

In our Glinde, Germany gear factory we added a state-of-the-art multi-chamber vacuum carburization system. Deliveries, service, and product support are close at hand, regardless of your location. Energy Efficiency Lowering your operating costs is one of our great- est goals! NORD http://cocktail24.info/blog/qualities-of-beowulf-essay.php and development focuses on energy efficiency, with gearboxes, motors, and frequency inverters designed for lower energy con- sumption.

Our fully diverse line of in-line or right- angle units and motors has been developed to suit your needs. Most standard drives can be modified to your purposes, and custom designs can be developed for special applications.

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The output bearing is greatly oversized which provides a number of important advantages. The design results in a much larger bearing capacity than what is required if the bearing were selected based on load forces. In order to accommodate larger bearings, an innovative design called staggered bearing topology was developed. It is common to have the support bearings for different shafts in the same plane, which greatly restricts the physical size of the bearings.

Staggered bearing topology also allows for larger bearing spans, which is a key in bearing system design. The larger bearing spans increase the overall bearing system 26024 Resume Bank Ru.

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Increased shaft diameters are also a byproduct of the larger bearings, thus enhancing shaft strength. Internal reinforcements further increase strength and rigidity. All bearings and seal seats are contained within the casting, 26024 Resume Bank Ru splits or bolt-on carriers that can weaken the housing and allow click here leakage.

Bores and mounting faces are machined in one step, producing extremely precise tolerances — thus ensuring accurate positioning of gear teeth, bearings and seals, and longer life for all components. This allowed optimal structural design to maximize the strength and rigidity of 26024 Resume Bank Ru gear box components. The aluminum alloy housing provides an extremely high strength to weight ratio.

The housing material is also inherently corrosion resistant and does not need a paint coating. Finally, the aluminum alloy housing is a much better heat conductor than cast iron, which will decrease the gear units operating temperature; this benefits the internal components and will yield longer service life. NORD uses a Class 35 material to produce a stronger finished product.

The material paired with FEM design optimization analysis creates an extremely strong and durable gear housing.

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This is an advantage in applications where cleanliness is important. Also, the gear units are designed to not have any assembly covers. This increases the product strength and also provides a smother surface.

No rubberized bore plugs are used which provides a smoother, more uniform surface, greater strength and increased sealing integrity. NORD commonly produces gear sets with a maximum ratio of between 9: This allows for double reduction gear units with a maximum ratio between This means a two- stage reducer with a maximum reduction of about NORD can often provide a two-stage reducer when most companies must provide three-stage units.

The same situation applies to three, 26024 Resume Bank Ru and higher gear stages. This allows NORD to provide superior value and performance in many conditions. A ball and spring check valve opens at approximately 2 psi during operation and closes tightly when the gearbox cools, producing a slightly negative pressure that ensures the valve seals tight. This keeps contaminants out of the oil to maintain proper oil cleanliness reducing contamination, foaming and oxidation.

This allows us to produce exceptional high quality gears. Oil fill before shipping prevents damage from dry start-ups. Historically, to have a compact C-face motor mounting the only choice was a low performance quill design with its distinct disadvantages including 26024 Resume Bank Ru bearing loading, rapid seal wear and metal-to-metal fretting corrosion.

The fretting corrosion inherent with a quill design made the removal of a motor almost impossible. Also in the past, the use of a superior coupling system meant increased cost and a much longer motor bell.

Low rotor inertia and high starting torque allow peak performance in the most difficult applications for inverter and vector duty per NEMA MG Section Below are some guideline steps to help aid click here the gear unit selection.

Determine the required power or torque 3. Determine Service Factor 4. Select the basic gearbox type and input 5. Determine the required mounting position 6. Checks — overhung load, thrust load, NEMA motor weight, thermal considerations, and other application considerations 1. Speed and Gear Ratio The first step in selecting a gear go here is determin- ing the final output speed or speeds you need.

This speed is normally described in revolutions per minute rpm. This output speed or speeds is determined by the input speed to the gear unit divided by its gear ratio.

Their relationship is described by the following formulas. Power and Torque The second step for selecting a gear unit is the re- quired power or torque needed to power the load. Torque in this catalog is normally expressed in pound- inches [lb-in]. To specify a gear unit you can identify either torque or power.

Service Factor or Service Class In addition to power or torque, service factor must also be considered. A service factor is essentially the ratio of extra capacity in a gear unit compared to the power or torque that is needed to run that application.

The goal of selecting a gear unit with extra capacity service factor is to provide adequate service life in operation. One reason to apply a larger service factor is if a unit operates more hours per day. If a unit runs 24 hours per day it should normally have a higher service fac- tor than a unit that runs 8 hours per day if you expect the same calendar life.

A second reason for applying a larger service factor is to cope with a more difficult application. Even if it takes the same power and speed to operate a rock crusher as a fan, the rock crusher needs a stronger gearbox higher service factor to give the same cal- endar operating life as much Standard 4 English Essay 2000 gear unit powering the fan.

The real question is how to determine the proper ser- vice factor for a gear unit in an application. Follow- ing are four possible methods. Customer or User Specification Many customers will have their own service factor guidelines or specifications.

These service factor recommen- dations have been determined form the experience of many gear manufactures and are in AGMA stan- dard See page 46 for additional detail. These application service classes are associated with a range of service factors by the following table. See page 42 for additional detail. Output speed [rpm] i gear ratio speed [rpm] www. This system considers 26024 Resume Bank Ru of operation per day, the severity of the application and the number of times the equipment is cycled.

See page 41 for additional detail. Mounting Position The gearbox mounting position is an important and often overlooked specification.

The mounting posi- tion determines how much oil the gear reducer re- quires, in addition to determining the position of the oil drain, oil 26024 Resume Bank Ru and vent on the gear drive. NORD offers six basic mounting positions. If your applica- tion requires a variation from the six basic mounting positions, please contact NORD. Options NORD offers a number of mechanical, protective, paint and lubrication 26024 Resume Bank Ru for gear reducers and motors.

Please see page 16 for gear unit options and refer to the motor section for motor options. Pulleys, sheaves and sprockets will cause an overhung load when used as a power take-off. The amount of overhung load will vary, depending on the type of power take-off used and where it is located on the shaft. Overhung load [FR] can be found in the gearmotor rating tables and input shaft overhung load ratings [FR1] can be found on pages 32 - Overhung load capacities should not exceed the values in the table to ensure long bearing life.

To calculate overhung load see page Thrust Loads Axial Loads that are directed towards or away from the gear- box along the axis of the shaft are called thrust or axial loads. Output shaft thrust http://cocktail24.info/blog/esl-blog-post-ghostwriters-site-for-phd.php [FA] can be found in the gearmotor rating tables.

Input shaft capacity [FA1] can be found on pages Thrust load capacities should not exceed the values listed in the tables to en- sure long bearing life. Contact NORD for combination loads or 26024 Resume Bank Ru more exact examination of the application. Following is a table that includes the maxi- mum motor weight the NEMA adapter can support. If the motor exceeds the listed weight it must be externally supported.